Too Faced? | Cruelty Free Makeup Options

In a market containing approximately a gazillion products, it can be difficult to navigate the tricky path of what is accessible, affordable, good value and high quality. Add in a layer of ethical responsibility, and the scene can be a nightmare.

2016 proved an interesting year for cruelty-free cosmetics, with cosmetic giant Estee Lauder acquiring previously independently owned, cruelty-free brands Becca and Too Faced.

As a parent company, Estee Lauder does sell products in mainland China, where animal testing is required by law for any cosmetic to be sold. Even if the products and ingredients themselves are not tested on animals, this fact means the brand cannot be considered cruelty free.

Too Faced issued a statement that they would always remain cruelty free, but this doesn’t change the fact that any money spent on the brand does in fact go towards the parent company.

What a person chooses to buy is entirely up to them, and though many cruelty free shoppers will continue to buy from Too Faced, there are others who will not purchase for a brand with a parent company that allows the use of animal testing.

Being a conscious consumer is important, so if you’re feeling like some brands are a little two faced, here is a run down of some of the best 100% cruelty free cosmetic brands, with a large majority – if not, all – of their products also being vegan.



Known primarily for their life-changing brow products, the pro brand has expanded naturally and effortlessly to provide an incredible array of high quality, beautiful cosmetics. The eyeshadow quality is impeccable, their highlighters are some of the best available, and their brow products are firm favourites for a damn good reason.

My favourite products:
– Glow Kits in Sweets and Moonchild;
– Modern Renaissance Eyeshadow Palette;
– Dipbrow Pomade – I use the shade Ash Brown.



By no means the cheapest option when it comes to buying your cosmetics – they sell a cult $82AUD lip balm – but if quality is what you’re looking for, then By Terry is a solid bet. They’re an independent company, not owned by any parent company, and completely cruelty free, not selling in Mainland China.

My favourite products:
– Ombre Blackstar Eyeshadow Sticks in shades Misty Rock, Bronze Moon, Black Pearl and Frozen Quartz;
– Sun Designer Palettes – I love shade Tan and Flash Cruise 1.



This shamelessly opulent makeup artists line is nothing if not gorgeous, but if you want a slice of old school glamour and quality to match the exceptionally beautiful exterior, then Charlotte Tilbury really can’t be beat.

My favourite products:
– Filmstar Bronze and Glow;
– Light Wonder Foundation;
– Eyeshadow Quads;
– Swish and Pop Blushes;
– Matte Revolution Lipsticks.



This 100% vegan brand has carved itself a nifty niche in the makeup world, offering innovative and interesting products different to what many other brands put out, rather than regurgitating the same ol’ stuff over and over.

My favourite products:
– Custom Cover Drops;
– Custom Enhancer Drops, Moonlight, Celestial;
– Cream Contour Kit in G Light Medium.



Famous for their luxe powder products, the independent company is 100% cruelty free, and largely vegan, spare a few products.

My favourite products:
– Ambient Lighting Powders in Luminous Light, Diffused Light and Ethereal Light;
– Ambient Lighting Blushes in any shade really, but my favourite is Incandescent Electra;
– Mineral Veil Primer;
– No 28 Serum Primer;
– Brushes – All vegan and cruelty free, and of the upmost quality.



Kat Von D has always been cruelty free, but midway through 2016, the brand reformulated many of it’s products to ensure they were in line with the namesakes vegan lifestyle. With some of the best eyeshadows on the market, and a liquid lipstick line to die for, her edgy aesthetic stands apart on the spectrum of makeup brands.

My favourite products:
– Shade and Light Eye Contour Palette;
– Pastel Goth Eyeshadow Palette;
– Everlasting Liquid Lipsticks, they’re all pretty fantastic, pick your favourite colours;
– Lock It Hydrating Primer.



Say what you will about the always controversial Jenner/Kardashian clan, but there is no denying 19-year-old Kylie is a savvy business woman. Her cosmetic range is surrounded by more buzz than a beehive, but the quality of many of her products lives up to the hype, and then some. To top it off, the products come up reasonably affordable as far as mid-range Australian makeup pricing goes, just remember to save up and do one big order to get the free shipping.

My favourite products:
– Lip Kits in Posie K, Koko K, Love Bite, Kristen, and Koko Kollection;
– Burgundy Kyshadow Palette.



Though the fashion design house Marc Jacobs may use animal products to create their clothes, bags, and other fashion items, Marc Jacobs Beauty exists as an entirely separate entity – from their fragrances, too – and the cosmetics brand is entirely cruelty free. With some of the nicest powder products on the market, and some of the sleekest packaging.

My favourite products:
– Air Blushes, all the shades! They’re really great. But I do especially love Lines and Last NightFlesh and Fantasy, and Lush and Libido. Yes, the names are ridiculous;
– #Instamarc Light Filtering Contour Powder in 10 Mirage Filter.


Best in beauty 2015: EYES.

Screen Shot 2016-01-13 at 9.03.54 pm

Oh hey there make up lovers, future employers, and friends I’m forcing to read this. Happy 2016, and welcome to a new year of blog posts, now with bonus product focus. Hurray, consumerism!

As I welcome in an exciting new era, I thought it may be fun to look back at the beauty products that made 2015 such an exciting year for me makeup wise, and for my self-expression and growth.

No, seriously, it actually was.

Makeup has the power to inspire and empower, and so although I feel a bit vapid writing about it, I genuinely love it.

I love it so much, in fact, that I spend a lot of money on this hobby. As such, there are a lot of products to talk about, and the Best in Beauty 2015 series will be split into a few different parts.

So, without further ado, welcome to part one.



Oh eyes, you windows to the soul, you.

Eye makeup, I believe, will always be my favourite kind of makeup.

And for me, 2015 was the year I mastered eyeshadow blending.

These are the eyeshadow palettes, three of which were released in 2015 that stood out most in 2015.

Gwen Stefani x Urban Decay Eyeshadow Palette:
If the words “Gwen” and “Stefani” next to each other weren’t enough to sell this to you, then the borderline perfect colour selection and quality should do it. Released on December 26th in Australia, this late addition to 2015’s eyeshadow offerings has firmly cemented itself as one of my favourite. Although at first glance it seems like a lot of the colours are very similar, at least on my fair skin it has an incredible range of versatility, and for once, the palette I can take with me and have all I need.

Urban Decay Naked Basics 2:
A simple little iPhone 5 sized palette of cool toned matte shades. Perfect for the crease and blending, they are a perfect match for a red lip. If you’re feeling like getting all kinds of use out of this palette, the shade Frisk works pretty excellently as a cheek contour shade on fair skin.

Urban Decay Spectrum Palette:
After experimenting with more neutral tones, I wanted to challenge myself to use colour more on my eyes. The Spectrum palette was the perfect way to do this. The limited edition palette comes in a luxe, velvet lined box, and the colour selection is divine. With everything from a duochrome navy/green, to hot pink, and a rose gold, its perfect to pair with a Basics palette and challenge.

Urban Decay Smoky Palette: 
Notice a theme here? Yes you sure do. Urban Decay’s Australian arrival in Mecca Maxima back in March 2015 can in itself be considered a solid favourite. The smoky palette added a mega versatile selection of cool shades to my stash, and the pale shades are some of my most use shadows in my entire collection.

Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette:
Must be included in any list of favourite eyeshadow palettes, simply as it was the first higher end palette I ever bought, and remains one of my most versatile and most used items. Another palette I can take with me and have every shade I could need. Yes, it does smell (and taste, don’t pretend you haven’t tried) like chocolate, but that gimmick isn’t what gets it across the line as a solid performer.

Colourpop Supershock Eyeshadows:
These shadows are a firm favourite on the eyes front for 2015, despite the ridiculous shipping cost required to get these suckers across the ocean from the USA to my hot little Australian hands. The unique, creamy to powder texture glides on in a vibrant, ultra pigmented pop of colour. Each shade comes packaged individually in a little pot, and at only $5USD a piece, are an absolute steal. I’m a particular fan of Lala and Bae.

Anastasia Dipbrow Pomade:
Oh, dipbrow. How did I cope without you? As a lady that has been filling in her brows since she was 14 – it was in fact the first form of makeup I ever ventured into – I’ve tried everything from powder to pencil, to wax or gel, and consider myself a bit of a pioneer of the natural brow. Dipbrow is undoubtedly my favourite brow product I’ve ever discovered, and don’t see myself straying from it any time soon.

Urban Decay 24/7 Pencil Eyeliner:
Although some of these are hit and miss, and I’m not the biggest fan of the need to sharpen, the colour range, lasting power, and pigmentation of these eyeliner pencils has firmly cemented them as my favourite eyeliners of the year. I especially liked the pictured holiday set, with the limited edition rose gold shade Trick, as in the shade Trick from Urban Decay Naked 3.  Here’s hoping it’s added to the permanent line in 2016.

Maybelline Hypersharp Liquid Liner:
Included simply because I’ve strayed from liquid liner over the course of 2015, and didn’t wish to splash out on the Stila Stay All Day Liquid Liner for it to just sit there unused and dry up. This liner has exceeded all expectations, lasting me months at a time without going dry, and performing flawlessly throughout the day.


Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara:
Well I’m not one to judge what gets the product namers over at Too Faced going, so no comment on the name. Each to their own and all that. This is however my all time favourite mascara, the one that each time I use, I regret straying from its hourglass bristles thinking theres something better out there for me.
Pro tip: I don’t use it on my bottom lashes due to its annoying habit to transfer and smudge, however on the top lashes will provide luscious curl, volume and length, akin to lash extensions. 

Nars Audacious Mascara:
Makes my lashes look outrageously spiky and voluminous, doesn’t transfer at all, and provides intense, flake free drama. What more could I ask for? Except winning the lottery, or for Liam Hemsworth to hurry up and realise his love and uncontainable desire for me.
Pro tip: Apply carefully as its easier than it should be to stab yourself in the eye. 

Laura Mercier Caviar Eyeshadow Sticks:
Pretty simple concept, these eyeshadow sticks by Laura Mercier are easy to use: twist up the pencil, draw on, smudge in with a finger if you feel so inclined, or a brush if you’re feeling fancy/excessive, and congratulations, you haz eyeshadow. Special mention to the shades Rose Gold and Amethyst, but unfortunately they don’t quite measure up to…

By Terry Ombre Blackstar Cream Eyeshadow:
Providing a sophisticated sparkle unlike anything else I’ve come across, and extremely unique shades, these shadow sticks are in a league of their own. Misty Rock is by far and away my fave shade, a purple toned bronze, with Frozen Quartz, a soft pink, a close second.

Excited and ready for more? Fear not, for part two is just around the proverbial corner.

Want more makeup goodness while you wait? Why not read all about Becca Champagne Pop to sate yourself, while I type away about other parts of my face.

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