My name is Claire Morley, though it was once Claire Varley*. I am a twenty-something, Melbourne dwelling, media and communications professional.


When I’m not trawling reddit, or practicing my journalistic nodding, I work as a freelance music, arts and culture writer, and copywriter.

In a former life I was a web television host and boundary commentator for the Essendon District Football League on community radio station 98.9 North West Fm and Team App. And as a boundary commentator for the FFA cup.

It brings me a great deal of pleasure to welcome you to my blog, Vanity Claire, a place where I collate some of my previously published works as a freelance journalist, broadcaster, and award-winning documentararian, as well as publish the odd piece of original content.

On top of all this, I’m a music nut, dog lover, anxious dickhead, book worm, makeup addict, smart ass, sports nut, and television snob.

But at my very core, I am a writer. Therefore, I write.

* How ironic that the biggest change of my life was only two letters. 

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