22 things I’ve learnt in 22 years

  1. There’s nothing wrong with caring about your appearance. If you want to take an hour in the morning to do your makeup, do it. If you like wearing tight dresses, go right ahead. If collared shirts are your thing, don’t listen to that girl you’re seeing who ribs you about it. Just because you like to feel good about yourself, doesn’t mean you’re vain.
  1. If in doubt, wash your hair.
  1. It’s important to make time to play musical instruments, and enjoy music. Don’t talk about how you’d like to learn to sing, or play the drums. Go out and buy the damn instrument, and get the damn lessons. It’s a lifelong skill, and in 30 years when you can still find the same level of enjoyment through music that you do now, you’ll be thankful you invested time and money.
  1. Family members don’t always have to be there, they don’t owe you anything. Just like anyone else, they can disappear if they really want to. So appreciate the ones who are here, and don’t ever take them for granted. Conversely, just because someone is family, doesn’t mean they deserve your respect.
  1. No one owes you anything. So don’t go expecting things.
  1. There are few things as refreshing as simply going outside. For extra special bonus points, go for a walk, or to the beach, or a walk on the beach.
  1. Don’t spend money you don’t have. But don’t forget to treat yo self.
  1. It is important to listen to other people, and heed advice from those who have either been in similar situations, or have the benefit of outsider perspective. Be intricately aware of your own fallibility.
  1. Doing things for yourself, or being a little bit selfish, doesn’t make you a bad person. It is necessary to think of yourself if you’re ever going to be capable of helping anyone else.
  1. There is no substitute for hard work. But there is also no substitute for talent.
  1. Crying is one of the most beautiful, natural things in the world. Don’t be ashamed for releasing the emotion. Its whole purpose is to help when you’re feeling shit, so go on and enjoy.tiLL3
  1. There is no such thing as a guilty pleasure. Do what makes you happy! Be proud of every little idiosyncrasy that makes you so gosh darn unique, and revel in the beauty of individuality.
  1. There is nothing better than a best friend.
  1. Asking for help does not demonstrate weakness. It’s a sign of strength, courage and maturity. Even though it almost never feels like it.
  1. It’s important to step outside your comfort zone, and do things that scare you. Start a degree, go on exchange, become a commentator, start a blog. All these things may seem impossibly hard at the beginning, but I can’t remember a risk I’ve taken that didn’t pay off somehow.
  1. Natural brows are best. Eyebrows make the face. Don’t go too thick. Don’t go too thin. Pluck and wax minimally. Bold brows may be on trend, but practice filling in those motherfuckers to avoid looking more Bert from Sesame Street than Cara Delevingne. Also, Claire, be thankful for those naturally nicely shaped brows. Be really, genuinely thankful.
  1. Scars are just scars. The flesh is so genuinely unimportant in comparison to the other parts of a person, and as cheesy as it is, the right people will love you for the right reasons, deeply and unconditionally.
  1. It is never, ever okay to abuse or put up with abuse, whether emotional, verbal, physical, or financial. The good never, ever, ever outweighs the bad in an abusive situation. If you feel like you have to lie to cover up the bad parts of someone, then you need to gtfo.
  1. Seasons change. Things might feel enduringly, unbearably painful, but in every hard situation in my life thus far, things have either improved, or I have come to accept the situation for what it is, and proceeded to move forward onto better things.
  2. Appreciate the moment, right now, this very second. Time goes stupidly fast, and forever wishing away the day results in nothing more than depression at the lack of productivity and perceived happiness. Be mindful, be present, just be.
  1. No one is as perfectly jubilant as they appear in their online presence. Absolutely fucking no one. Don’t sit at home, staring at the computer, and hating yourself because of your comparison to your “friend’s” profiles. Never forget that the Internet is a carefully curated space.
  1. A cup of tea is always a good idea.
  1. You need to be kind to yourself. You are your own worse critic, by a long, long way. You have achieved so much, and every day you need to take a moment to appreciate that. You are so much more capable than you feel. You truly can do anything you put your mind to.
  1. I still have so much to learn.

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